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12 Days of Christmas Competition - Scrap Lounge

Afternoon again,
Today I am doing a large post featuring all the projects I did for the Scrap Lounge 12 days of Christmas Competition during November. I know it was a while ago, just getting the time to upload

Challenge 1 -
The First Challenge was to create a card with this sketch

I Come Up with this
Challenge 2 -
A Blind scrap with the following Instructions
1. Choose which Christmas themed paper will be your base...this is PP1
2. Choose your second piece of Christmas themed paper - this is PP2.
3. Cut 1” from the top and one side.
4. Distress the edges PP2 and using a white gel pen, draw a simple stitched line around the outside edge.
5. Adhere this sheet (PP2) to your base sheet (PP1)

6. Take two 4x6” portrait photos and mat these onto the cardstock (CS), leaving a 1/4" (approx) border around each photo.
7. Using your gel pen, add a simple stitched (lined) border each photo, on the CS.8. Adhere the two matted photos to the centre of PP2 - slightly angle both photos towards the outside edge of the layout.
9. Across the bottom of the photos, add the Christmas-themed die-cuts (or images you have cut out), clustering them and overlapping as desired - this should form a line across the bottom of the photos.
10. Mat the PP3 strip with the cardstock leaving approx 1/4" border.
11. Using your gel pen, add a simple stitched (lined) border on the CS around PP3.
12. Adhere the matted strip of PP3, slightly covering the bototm of your line of die-cuts along the bottom of your photos.

13. Adhere your title, slightly over lapping on the top of the photo on the RH side of the page.
14. Add some small embellishments to the LH side of the page next to the photo.
15. Scatter rhinestones, pearls or any bling you like on the layout as desired.
16. Stand back and admire your creation.......well done.
and my layout
Challenge 3 -
Create something inspired by this image
for Which I created this layout

This is me and Tyler Christmas 2009

Challenge 4 -
A receipe Challenge
Using the following recipe, scrap a Christmas themed layout.
- White cardstock as base
- 2 Christmas-themed photos
- 3 pieces of Christmas-themed patterned paper
(double-sided papers count as TWO (2) pieces)

- 1 piece of non-Christmas themed patterned paper
(if using double-sided paper
only one side can be used)
- 1 journal block/quote panel
- 3 embellishments only
- Bling
- Paint must be used on your layout


Challenge 5
A plus One Challenge
Using only white + one other colour, scrap a Christmas themed layout.
Think tones and shades of the “+ one” colour that you choose, as well as different textures (fibres, embossing, etc)
Please note: small touches of black or brown may be used but must NOT be a major part of your colour scheme.
My Sister In Law and Niece on Christmas Day 2009
Challenge 6
Today's challenge is a combination card and colour challenge.
Normally associated with Halloween, I would like you to use the
very non-traditional Christmas colours of
white, orange, purple and green to create a Christmas card.
Please note: small touches of black or brown may be used but must NOT be a major part of your colour scheme.
Challenge 7
Today's challenge involves using a Christmas quote on your page.....Create a Christmas themed layout that has the following quote somewhere on the page….
“The gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly Merry Christmas”~Peg Bracken~
Challenge 8
Using the instructions provided, make the following mini album to be given as a gift to a friend or family member this Christmas.
Please note you do not have to use Christmas-themed papers and embellishments for this challenge.
Instructions found here -



Challenge 9
A Sketch Challenge
Which I come up with this
Tyler at 3 months 2008
Challenge 10
For this challenge you have to make four (4) tags using the following criteria.......
1. Round or scalloped tags
2. A stamped image/word
3. Must include the colour silver somewhere on the tag
(can be paper, ink, paint,
glitter, fibres)

Challenge 11
Today's challenge incorporates one of the most important things you need at Christmas time........a list.....!!!!!!
Whether it be your child's wish list or your wish list; a shopping list for your Christmas day feast or a list to organise what needs to be done and when.
Your challenge is to scrap a Christmas themed layout that incorporates a list somewhere on it – this could be a wish list from a child, a Christmas dinner/party guest list, a shopping list, YOUR Christmas wish list.
Challenge 12
Today's challenge is to create a Christmas themed layout using the following patterned papers......
- One floral piece
- One striped piece
- One spotty/dotty piece
 - One script piece
Your design MUST include at least ONE piece of each of the specified patterned papers – please note these need not be Christmas themed papers.
A Family Shot Christmas Eve 2013
Well if your still looking, that's it 12 challenges in 19 days (I think), some late nights
involved getting them all done, but really glad I did. definity some challenges
 in there took me well out of my comfort zone.
I thank Shazz from Scrap Lounge for running this and her generous sponsers &
The link to the 12 days of Christmas Comp
Thanks for checking my layouts out





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  1. Wow these are ALL awesome. The gift for a baby boy, you have done a beautiful job with. All the layouts are fabulous. Love your embossing and you all look so cute in your santa hats.